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Regalina Plant SRL, a company registered and operating in accordance with Romanian legislation, having its headquarters in Bran, str. G-ral. Traian Mosoiu 15-19, 507025 Brașov we promote in our activity, the use of ecological and economical means and solutions of transport, especially the use of the electric bicycle as an alternative means of transport by implementing and promoting the BranTrips Project. 

To this end, you (the “User”) may benefit from a wide range of products and services provided or promoted by Regalina Plant SRL within the BranTrips Project, under the general terms and conditions specified below (“General Terms and Conditions”). 

Picking up and returning bicycles – general provisions 

Bicycles can be rented and returned from the BranTrips center subject to their availability and operating schedule. The rental is conditioned by the presentation of an identity document and the payment of the related amount. 

The conditions for taking over the bike, the rights and obligations that apply at the time of rental are those displayed on the BranTrips Website or at the rental center. Users must ensure that they have a clear understanding of the obligations and rights that apply to them when using the service. 

For any ambiguities, additional information may be requested from the operators of the BranTrips center, by filling in the form on the “Contact” page, at the e-mail address or by the telephone number displayed on the “Contact” page. 

As an exception, Users under the age of 14 may not rent bicycles through the BranTrips website. Bicycle rental for minors under 14 will be done exclusively from the BranTrips center, by the legal representative of minors. However, he remains fully responsible for the minors he cares for throughout the benefit of the Rental Services. 

Responsibility for the minor (s) shall include, but is not limited to, responsibility for instructing the minor (s) in the use of bicycles, use of protective equipment and, in general, continuous supervision of the minor (s); and of bicycles throughout the period of use of the Brantrips Services. The possibility to benefit from Rental Services for minors under 14 years of age is limited. According to the regulations in force, minors under 14 years of age do not have the right to ride a bicycle on public roads, in this sense they are not allowed to ride it outside the specially arranged spaces. BranTrips is not liable in any circumstances and for any consequences, for any reason nature, caused by the use of the bicycle by minors under 14 years of age (inside or outside specially designed spaces). 

Due to the different technical specifications, bicycles taken from the BranTrips center will only be able to be returned to the BranTrips center. The return of bicycles to the BranTrips center must be done taking into account the operating hours. It is the sole responsibility of the Users to inform themselves in advance about the operating schedule of the BranTrips center and to take the necessary measures to return the bicycles in a timely manner. 

Attempt to defraud by providing false or negligent information does not restrict the User’s liability, even if any theft or damage has been caused by unknown persons. To eliminate these situations, BranTrips can record and use video images taken from electronic systems for monitoring and detecting activities in the vicinity where you are. 


In the event of a malfunction or inability to bring the bike in a timely manner, the User may request that the bike be picked up by BranTrips staff through the Support Services, provided that an additional fee is paid. 

The user can return the bike, at no additional cost, within 10 minutes of the pick-up, if he signals a pre-existing failure of the initial pick-up. In such a situation it will be possible to take over a new bicycle. 

In case of a return within 10 minutes from the pick-up, the User will be able to report by phone the finding of a malfunction and will be able to change the bike or give up the Rental Service. For the avoidance of doubt, the change of bicycle under these conditions will not apply in the event of faults caused by the User. 


The user has the right to access any of the BranTrips services exclusively for his own use. Exceptions are minors under the age of 14 for renting bicycles under the conditions detailed in the BranTrips General Terms and Conditions. In this situation, the obligations below, on the part of the User, will be extended in respect of the actions of minors under the age of 14 for whom he assumes responsibility. The user will be solely and fully responsible for any and all consequences, complaints, claims, losses, fees, fines, liability, damages, costs, including costs of attorneys’ fees and any actions in court, of any nature, whether foreseeable or unpredictable, known or unknown, direct or indirect. 

For the avoidance of doubt, you are informed that the following practices contravene these BranTrips General Terms and Conditions and are strictly prohibited: 

  • the carriage of passengers, bulky items, dangerous substances, participation in races, subletting, and the carrying out of commercial or professional activities, whether in return for payment or free of charge, including courier, home delivery or other similar activities; any bicycle or electric scooter taken from the BranTrips center;
  • accessing BranTrips services if you are in an inappropriate physical or mental state. In order to avoid any doubts, when taking over an electric bicycle as a result of accessing the Rental Services, you must be in a physical and mental state corresponding to traveling with the chosen device.
  • overloading the electric bicycle by imposing a total load, including the User’s weight, greater than 100 kg;
  • overloading the bicycle by using it by more than one person at a time;
  • the use of the electric bicycle while the User carries out activities such as, telephone conversations, writing or reading text messages or press articles, accessing social platforms and other such activities that may distract from the safe riding of the electric bicycle with consequences one of the most unfortunate;
  • In any case, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, narcotics or any substances with a hallucinogenic effect or potential effect will be considered incompatible with access to BranTrips services.
  • Putting the electric bicycle in the water or using it in flooded areas, otherwise there is a risk of electrical damage.
  • any misconduct or uncivilized conduct, including physical or verbal violence or any offensive, offensive, recalcitrant or abusive behavior towards BranTrips, other Users, BranTrips staff or any other person in general.

Rent an electric bike and embark on an adventure.

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